derma 2.0 range

NEW! Introducing medical grade product ‘Derma 2.0’ from Italy. Bespoke packages for you, micro-needling and mesotherapy combined for optimum results, superb cocktails for your skin.

Medical grade

Treating all types of skin imperfections
Superficial and deep wrinkles
Irregular skin texture & tone
Acne , spots
Stretch marks and scars

Derma products are rigorously tested with complete respect for the environment and without testing on animals.
Free from synthetic antioxidants
Made in Italy

Derma firm

Complete firming treatment , powerful cocktail
Comprising of organic DMAE
High and low molecular weight
Hylaluronic acids to provide nourishment

Derma Repair
Stretch mark and corrective for scars and acne scarring

Active ingredients
Re vascular stretch marks (even white ones ! )

Derma lift
This product produces Botox like effects
Can be used with another product to give you a glass facial
Ready for any special event

Derma whitening

Hyperpigmentation treatment
Dark spots , senile lentigo , solar lentigo, melasma and photo ageing

Breaks down melanin preventing new spots and inhibiting melanogenesis
Special peptides counteract damage caused by photo ageing

Derma Celu

Anti cellulite treatment
Drains excess fluid and improves cellulite at all stages

Derma Hydrate

Complete nourishing moisture treatment
For face , neck and décolleté
Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin

All products use microneedling and meso therapy methods

Patch test is required