Dermal Biorevitalizer

This treatment is very popular for clients not wanting to use dermal fillers or wrinkle (b) treatments. The treatment itself is an injectable procedure which stimulates fibroblasts under the skin, helping to produce collagen & elastin, therefore restoring volume to the area and giving moisture to the skin resulting in a healthy smooth complexion minimizing the look of facial lines and wrinkles.

Jalupro still continues to work weeks after the initial treatment. Maintenance is required..

'Jalupro aesthetics treatment to the face
‘Jalupro injection treatment to the face

Prices Start At £120

Jalupro Classic
£120 per treatment or £350 for course of 3

Jalupro HMW
£170 per treatment or £300 for course of 2

Additional Information

Jalupro Classic is for younger skin and advised to give 3 treatments 10 days apart.

Jalupro HMW is for mature skin and advised giving 2 treatments 20 days apart.

Treatment time is 30-45 mins

NOTE: Jalupro can not be used by anyone who have the following conditions:

1. Skin infections or irritation in the treatment area.
2. Pregnant or breastfeeding.
3. Autoimmune issues.
4. Hypersensitivity to product components.